Tan Do team gives a hand to contribute for 0 VND Supermarket during the Covid19 Epidemic – Tan Do

Sincere donation for 0 VND Supermarket in Tran Duy Hung, Hanoi, supports disadvantaged people during the Covid-19 epidemic. Tan Do team had departed a trip to Tran Duy Hung street to tư vấn essential goods for 0 VND Supermarket .

Damage of Covid 19 in Vietnam and worldwide

For the time being, Covid-19 has been considered a global pandemic that caused numerous negative effects on the human and economy’s daily lives all over the world .

In some early months of 2020, Vietnam witnessed the first patients caused by Coronavirus in Da Nang and many other regions. Up to the summer of this year, the number of patients had accounted for more than 700. Despite this situation worsening day by day worldwide, Vietnam has been a pioneer country that gained the top of the Covid-19 prevention system. This success results from the continuous efforts of Vietnamese people with many mutual supportive programs and projects.

The idea of savior for the disadvantaged people – 0 VND Supermarket

Experiencing the quarantine time with the limit of person-to-person interaction, many people, especially some small vendors and low-salary workers, had difficulties making a living. As a result, the difficult life has become even more difficult. Therefore, many supportive campaigns were organized, including 0 VND Supermarket, to help the poor overcome this situation. 

0 vnd supermarket

Approved the Supportive campaign, supporters established the 0 VND supermarket to help people who have difficult circumstances. It is located on the first floor of the building on Tran Duy Hung street (Cau Giay district, Hanoi). The supermarket opens 5 hours a day. Each person can go to the supermarket twice a week. They can buy anything freely according to need: groceries, especially rice, cooking oil, eggs, salt, sugar and toilet paper. Significantly, everyone impressed the expressive message: “Only take away if you need or give up for others.”, placing in front of the supermarket. Not only supporting, but they also ensure humanity with equal benefits for residents.

covid 19 supermarket 0 dong

The importance is that despite the free charge, the supermarket always guarantees the quality of the supportive goods for residents. To have equality, the buyers can take away any essential commodities they want with all goods’ total price maximize 100,000 VND. Besides, people need to obey the epidemic prevention regulations with criteria for distance and wear masks. This deserved one of the most special rules that the Supermarket wants to aim at.

covid 19 supermarket 0 dong

Helpful contribution of Tan Do company with enthusiastic members

Acknowledged the situation, Tan Do company also desired to contribute to communities’ effort in helping citizens face difficulties. On 15th June, from 6 am, Mr. Quan, companies with the driver and some employees, started the trip to support and transport goods to 0 VND supermarket. They consisted of 200 cans of juice with epidemic prevention equipment such as masks, hand sanitizer, and antiseptic solutions. 

Many Tan Do volunteers took charge of supporting the professional organizing process, ensuring everyone can be treated equally and followed the order. Because of many supporters and sponsors, including both individuals and organizations, the supermarket can satisfy the residents ’ needs. Moreover, after two days of operation, the supermarket had provided the essential goods to up to over 2,000 customers .
Reaching the Supermarket, apart from giving the gifts, the Tan Do team was also willing to provide a hand in displaying and clarifying the supermarket’s goods. Besides, he spent all day staying at the supermarket to deliver the groceries and essential products to the customers with all enthusiasm .
Covid19 supermarket

On behalf of the Tan Do, this program was beyond the annual plan for the company’s society. They hope to cooperate for declining difficulties caused by Covid-19 Epidemic together. In other words, the purpose of this activity is to partly encourage the spirit of people in encountering Covid-19, making life easier and more hopeful. 

Another purpose is to stimulate people to share the concerns, calling them to tư vấn the poor in difficult circumstances. Each individual can contribute small but necessary to society. Despite the physical gifts, the valuable encouragement and enthusiasm are the actual power they need in this Covid situation .

The impression of some stakeholders about these meaningful activities

Sharing the feelings about these activities, Minh Nhat- a team member, stated: “I am delighted to be a Tan Do member, carrying out this meaningful program for the community. I would like to appreciate and approve of the 0 VND supermarket’s idea. Therefore, hopefully, my small contribution will help disadvantaged people improve this Epidemic situation, creating a better quality of life for residents”.

Being one of the various customers of 0 VND, Ms. Huong said: “The first words I want to say thank you to all the sponsors, including Tan Do’s executive manager for supporting the poor like us. The epidemic comes with more difficulties for earning life, particularly people who have low-income, even unemployed. With all your concerns, we seem to receive the additional energy to fight the situation with a more positive attitude.”